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3 JUNE 2015

After recently being awarded 'Highly Commended' at the Calleen Art Award', Craig Handley has been named the winner of the Kogarah Art Prize by this year's judge, John McDonald.

' . . .and they have escaped the weight of darkness . . '

July 2012

In a time of great social upheaval, as we face the decline and fall of many old certainties, Ruddy presents us with an alternative take on existential choices. To reach the light one must first understand the darkness. He lays down an invitation to let go of inhibitions and take an elemental journey through a floating spiritual universe, redolent with feminine energy. The most important attribute may simply be the courage to begin. ...more

Stormie Mills

The Art Street Journal
27 August 2010

If you live in or near Sydney, I recommend you visit Richard Martin Art in Woollahra on Sept 1 to see Stormie Mills' new solo show. ...more

Ruddy's win Popular

Daily Telegraph
Firday, May 21, 2010

Had the public judged the Archibald this year, Craig Ruddy's portrait of filmmaker Warwick Thornton would have won. ...more

Thirds World

The Weekend Australian Magazine

Behind a Melbourne bowling alley, skip-diving is a trophy sport.

It looks like a scene of urban desperation. Against the bleak backdrop of an empty car park, three people peer over the edge of a rubbish skip.... ...more

From Archibald to Argentina

The Weekend Australian Financial Review
28-29 November 2009

William Dobell retreated to his sisters farm on Lake Macquarie in the mid-1940s after the infamous court battle over whether his 1943 Archibald Prize winning portrait of fellow artist Joshua Smith was a portrait or a caricature....sixty years later another artist, Craig Ruddy, was taken to court over his 2004 Archibald prize-winning portrait of actor David Gulpilil, this time weather it was a painting or a drawing.

... I wanted to capture the beauty of the environment but also the danger, poverty and struggle in Rio, where people say you need 10 eyes in the back of your head.

Levitação / Levitation

November 2009

Craig Ruddy captures the sharp light of Rio de Janeiro as it is reflected by the rippling sea, bouncing off the white sands to create a distinctive, mauve haze. The shards of light overlap and fragment, as though refracted by panes of glass, and the imagery in Ruddy's Levitation series is further affected by the glass sheets superimposed over his most recent paintings. Outlines of athletic figures immersed in water, tumbling in the frothy surf and leaping on the beach sometimes resemble the shimmering profiles of a mirage. The horizon shifts. Shadows seem to appear and disappear, but in fact, they really do ...more

Favourite Things

Good Weekend, The Sydney Morning Herald
September 12, 2009

When Perth artist Stormie Mills, 39, started painting his city as a 12 year old, he came to see the walls he marked as part of a layered artwork. "Spray paint is such a thin medium, it takes on the texture of the wall," he says. When affronted citizens erased his work with their own paint patchwork, he saw that as an artistic conversation. » Click here to download PDF of article

Better then a Chook Raffle

Mosman Daily
Thursday July 2, 2009

Mosman artist Tina Hansen-Jones has devoted a whole exhibition to portraits of ordinary everyday chooks... ...more

THE PLANNER - Gordon Richards

The Sydney Morning Herald
May 9-10, 2009

Gordon Richards ...more

Julie Harris

Asian Art News
March / April 2009

Now established as a leading art event in the Australian art calendar The Fleurieu Biennale Water Prize bring together a wide variety of art. But while the works may be of uneven quality, it is clear that the Water Prize has well and truly 'arrrived' and its organizers have earned the right to expect a stellar future. ...more

Dogman gives paws for thought

Daily Telegraph
March 2009

Across the road from Woollahra's Lord Dudley Hotel was the sourece of their amusement, a giant man-dog by the side of the road, on his knees, sipping a cappuccino. Half man, half dog - naked in every explicitly proportionate detail. ...more

Weird Dog Sculpture Furore

The Daily Telegraph
18 March 2009

A GIANT half-man, half-dog bending over naked while sipping a cappuccino is causing a stir among the latte set of Woolahra. ...more

Gordon Richards

Highlife Magazine
Dec/Jan 2009

Artist Gordon Richards loves life at his new Moss Vale home. He talks about his journey from top chef to top painter. ...more


Artist Profile
Issue 09. 2009

In early 2009, Artist Profile invited 11 Australian painters on working tour of New Zealand's North Island.

Our plan, over 10 days, was to take in the extremities of the island - to skirt the remote east Wairarapa coast, drive through miles of iconic New Zealand country to the island's Volcanic heart, Mount Ruapehu. Each day, the artist would stop, look, hike and paint, preparing works for an exhibition in the coming year that would shed light on the 11 distinctive minds working through their processes from plein air studio.


Homes and Living
Spring 2006

Waldemar Kolbusz is known for his dynamic expressionistic art - little wonder then that he should take the same liberal and informal approach to renovating his home. ...more

Brush with Fame

Belle Magazine
April/May 2006

What started as an indulgent way to shift his left-brain analytical mind into right-brain intuition has turned former accountant Waldemar Kolbusz into one of Australia's most exciting art talents.

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