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March 2011

Craig Ruddy current exhibition titled 'IMAGO II' (i-ma-go) ...more

Can Can

December 2009

This February Stephanie Tetu presents her exotic floral paintings for the first time at Richard Martin Art. Her romantic close up observations of beautiful tropical flowers exude the feeling of summer with lyrical dancing shapes and bold colours. ...more

Richard Allen

26 September - 14 October 2009

Richard Allen's ability to communicate his love of nature through his paintings is evident in this latest body of work 'The Art of Flight' on display at Richard Martin Art until 14 October. Although the focus of this exhibition is our fine feathered friends, Richard has included some trademark abstract aerial landscapes, inspired by the many delightful hours spent in his youth crisscrossing the country flying at low altitudes with his grandfather. ...more

Melissa Egan

12 August 2009

Undoubtedly one of Australia's most popular narrative artists, Melissa Egan presents a major solo exhibition with Richard Martin Art entitled 'Prelude' from 5 - 23 September. Egan's exhibitions increasingly embrace a thematic focus; and in keeping with this tendency, this body of work draws inspiration from a recent Italian sojourn. ...more

Michael Jeffery

May 2009

Michael Jeffery's fourth solo exhibition 'Industrial Evolution' is gearing up to be one of his best yet. ...more

Anthony Bennett

June 2009

The sometimes controversial artist Anthony Bennett makes his solo Sydney debut at Richard Martin Art with 'INELEGANT HOMAGE TO THE HOUSE OF GUERNICA BLING'. Since his selection as a finalist in the AGNSW 2008 Archibald Prize, Bennett's popularity has continued to grow. This year he was not only selected finalist in the Archibald Prize again, but the Wynne and Sulman Prizes as well.

I Love My Dog & My Dog Loves Me

March 2009

In this exhibition husband and wife team, Marc and Gillie Schattner, explore the theme of true, unconditional love through man's best friend, the dog. They assign dogs human activities and give them human personalities, proposing an optimistic future of friendship and unconditional love for the human race. ...more


5 January 2009

Luminosity, an evocative exhibition of paintings by Hiromi Ozaki, is the first exhibition of 2009 at Richard Martin Art. Inspired by all the natural beauty around her, Ozaki's latest exhibition displays a sensitivity and delicacy that clearly motivates her work. ...more

Waldemar Kolbusz

November 2008

The fascinating and beautiful works of Perth-based artist, Waldemar Kolbusz go on display at Richard Martin Art from the 22 November 2008. ...more


08 Nov - 21 Nov 2008

The Sea is an exhibition of power, intensity and quiet energy by Sydney artist Kay Cornell. The exhibition opens at Richard Martin Art on 8 November 2008. ...more

Les Objets d'Amour

November 2008

Darling of the Queensland art scene, Anna Rubin is holding her first exhibition 'Les Objets d'Amour' in Sydney at Richard Martin Art, Woollahra 16 - 27 February 2008. Work by this well-known international artist, who favours the period of classical realism, is already creating interest by Sydneysiders eager to own her latest paintings. ...more


4-19 October 2008

Lucky! is an exhibition of simple beauty, intensity and quiet contemplation - a reflection on the 'lucky country' and its complexities. The first exhibition for artist Craig Handley will open at Richard Martin Art on 4 October. ...more

Written on the Body

August 2008

A compelling exhibition of ethereal and poetic paintings by Jenny Topfer will open at Richard Martin Art on the 9 August. Gaining inspiration from the coded dialogue, the unspoken word that occurs between two people, Topfer orchestrates works that seek to draw you into this secret world. ...more


July 2008

Anthology encompasses over twenty works featuring Allen's aerial landscapes and his distinctive animals. The bold images are set against backgrounds of vibrant orange, earthy brown and intoxicating green, punctuated with red, black and white. The result is a body of work bursting with energy, freedom and spontaneity, yet equally subtle and poised. ...more

William Gilchrist

July 2008

William Gilchrist is a man of many talents, an award-winning artist, savvy businessman and international croquet champion, he's certainly crammed a lot into his life. At 57 years of age, Gilchrist is holding his first solo art exhibition Life's Reflections, in Sydney from 12 - 24th July 2008 at Richard Martin Art, Woollahra. ...more

Hotel Paris

June 2008

Desire, fear, fragility: the human condition is captivatingly embodied in the exhibition Hotel Paris by emerging artist Mia Oatley. Her distinctive and insightful works come together in a solo exhibition at Richard Martin Art from 23 August until 3 September 2008. ...more

Michael Jeffery

May 2008

Michael Jeffery's upbringing as a true-blue country boy has had a significant effect on his artwork. Painting bright and edgy abstract urban landscapes is Jeffery's way of encouraging people to think about the environment that they live in and attitudes towards others. ...more

Diana Watson

May 2008

Diana Watson's new exhibition - 'Isola dei Fiori' (Island of Flowers) - is a superb collection of still-life paintings inspired by her recent trip to the Italian cities of Lucca and Roma. Diana's Italian heritage shines through onto her rich canvases reflecting the time spent there immersed in the culture and lifestyle of the place she calls her second home. ...more

Christine Polowyj

March 2008

Melbourne artist, Christine Polowyj is holding her first solo exhibition in Sydney, titled Crossing Over. The show will be held at Richard Martin Art, Woollahra from 12 - 24 April 2008. Crossing Over heralds Christine's shift into full-time painting with her upcoming exhibition exploring issues of cultural meaning and belonging. ...more

Stormie Mills

March 2008

James Mills or 'Stormie' as most people call him has come a long way from the dark, wet night when he first ventured out to make his mark on the world. His long and winding progression through the art world, beginning as a Perth street artist, has lead to his first Sydney exhibition, Secrets & Objects which will be showing from 26 July - 8 August 2008 at Richard Martin Art, Woollahra. ...more

Diana Watson's Aventine

May 2007

Diana Watson invokes the classical masters with her latest collection of still life paintings, 'Aventine', showing at Richard Martin Art from 5th to 23rd May 2007. ...more

Belynda Henry

March 2007

Belynda Henry explores the Australian landscape and nature with a fresh eye in her latest collection 'Shadows in nature' showing from 17th March to 4th April 2007 at Richard Martin Art, Woollahra. ...more

Jean-Pierre Rives

November 2007

France's most famous rugby captain Jean Pierre Rives has transformed into an internationally acclaimed sculptor. His first exhibition in Australia, "Les Rebonds de la Memoire" (Memories), will be shown at Richard Martin Art, 98 Holdsworth Street Woollahra, from 24 November to 12 December 2007. ...more

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