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After recently being awarded 'Highly Commended' at the Calleen Art Award', Craig Handley has been named the winner of the Kogarah Art Prize by this year's judge, John McDonald. ... more
' . . .and they have escaped the weight of darkness . . '
Craig Ruddy
In a time of great social upheaval, as we face the decline and fall of many old certainties, Ruddy presents us with an alternative take on existential choices. To reach the light one must first understand the darkness. He lays down an invitation to let go of inhibitions and take an elemental journey through a floating spiritual universe, redolent with feminine energy. The most important attribute may simply be the courage to begin. ... more
Stormie Mills

If you live in or near Sydney, I recommend you visit Richard Martin Art in Woollahra on Sept 1 to see Stormie Mills' new solo show. ...more
Ruddy's win Popular
Art - Archibald Prize
Had the public judged the Archibald this year, Craig Ruddy's portrait of filmmaker Warwick Thornton would have won. ... more
Thirds World
Behind a Melbourne bowling alley, skip-diving is a trophy sport
Behind a Melbourne bowling alley, skip-diving is a trophy sport.

It looks like a scene of urban desperation. Against the bleak backdrop of an empty car park, three people peer over the edge of a rubbish skip....... more
From Archibald to Argentina
Craig Ruddy fled the controversy over his Gulpilil portrait to find inspiration in South America, writes Katrina Strickland
William Dobell retreated to his sisters farm on Lake Macquarie in the mid-1940s after the infamous court battle over whether his 1943 Archibald Prize winning portrait of fellow artist Joshua Smith was a portrait or a caricature....sixty years later another artist, Craig Ruddy, was taken to court over his 2004 Archibald prize-winning portrait of actor David Gulpilil, this time weather it was a painting or a drawing.

... I wanted to capture the beauty of the environment but also the danger, poverty and struggle in Rio, where people say you need 10 eyes in the back of your head.


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