Gallery Photos

Featuring photographs from Gallery openings, photographs of artists and special works or features. Please click on the thumbnail to view enlargement.

Craig Handley at opening of 'Roadside'
Richard speaking at Craig's opening
Richard Martin
Dane O'Sullivan
Richard Martin, Craig Ruddy & Dane O'Sullivan at The King's 34th Annual Art Show Opening Night
Charles Blackman at Melissa Egan's exhibition
Craig Ruddy's Archibald 2010 portrait of Warwick Thornton
Richard Allen in red
Anthony Bennett show 2010
Good Boy
Melissa, Tina, Craig & Roberto at exhibition opening 09
Craig Ruddy & Melissa Egan, AGNSW Archie party 2010
Fellow artists at Melissa Egan's 2010 exhibition
Richard presenting a monster pencil to Edmund Capon
Edmund Capon & Richard Martin
RMA/Jesse Marlow Opening,Melbourne 2010
Craig Ruddy's 'Remnants' Opening night '07
Richard Martin Art bar staff
Guy Cooper opening Richard Allen's exhibition 2008
Belynda Henry & family at her opening night
Diana Watson exhibition, May 2008
Gallery props
Gordon Richards with family & friends
Bryce Courtenay opening Gillie & Marc exhibition
Dane O'Sullivan & Stormie Mills
Richard (left), Craig (centre) & Edmund Capon
Stormie Mills & Abi
Mia Oatley's Opening
Richard Martin with a Brett Whiteley work
Jean-Pierre Rives' World cup sculpture
Sue Barnett & Chris Sturrock at Mitchell Kelly Opening
Jean-Pierre Rives' Exhibition
Delivering artwork in high places
Peter Hickey & Gordon Richards
Anthony Bennett & Jon Fariss
Anthony Bennett opening 2009
Subject and art work
Craig Ruddy Opening '06
Stormie Mills opening 2010
Charity Event - November 2010
Dane O'Sullivan, Tina Hansen-Jones, Richard Allen, Diana Watson
Craig Ruddy & Stephanie Tetu, Gallery Lunch 2009
Richard Martin & Jennifer Hawkins
Richard Martin Art