anthony bennett

'the long drive to the second window'

22 May - 9 June 2010

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'auditioning zombie strippers just for the sake of it' 'when i asked the suicide goddess what was written above the exit in the temple of the oracle of delphi, she texted, know thyself, but when i asked who would win a fight between batman and spiderman, she said she didn't like spiders' 'self portrait - where was your god when my mother and brother were crushed to death in a nissan 280zx ?' 'self portrait - no screw duchamp we were just chatting about hunter s. thompson and bullets and hot crime scene investigators'
'self portrait (the ernest hemingway suggested solution) part 4 'punching bankers in the face really really hard...' 'philosophical basket case' no.2 '... here's some porn'
'self portrait swimming in the shoalhaven near boydie's place and listening to ac/dc and inxs' 'do koalas contemplate suicide?' 'study for a portrait of darth' 'naomi buys a blood diamond'
'tom cruise is a dick' no. 4 'portrait of darth' no. 6 'portrait of darth' no. 7 'stains of youth linger' no. 12
'... in the name of the father' (part 3) '... in the name of the father' no.1 ' the name of the father' no. 2 'self portrait reading yukio mishima and listening to the white album'
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