Anthony Bennett

inelegant homage to the house of guernica bling

6 June - 24 June 2009

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if you were archie who would you fuck first betty or veronica ??? a portrait of bill henson eating a koala portrait of jon farriss in a kylie t-shirt you can come over for bloody mary wednesday but you should be aware it's b.y.o. celery
...this would be better with a blue background....and couldn't you think of a better title? girls who like to dress as wonder woman in alleys (no.1) calista flockhart you really need to eat something .... study for portrait of dale frank
a landscape of insufficient green ... where mountains are crushed for speaking out the idea of michael hutchence haiku ... wasn't it nietzsche who first said god is dead and tom cruise is a dick? no more war-hol
Richard Martin Art