William Gilchrist

Reflections of Life

12 - 24 July 2008

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Four Seasons (Winter) Storn Clouds Over the Gap Four Seasons (Spring) Four Seasons (Summer)
Four Seasons (Autumn) Hidden Music The Music and The Dawn The Astronomy of Trees
Sunlight Washes the Trees The Watery Jewels Drinking the Reflections The Moon Sliding from the Shadows
Ryan Casting the Net The Sky My Spirit Circles Like the Moon in my Well
The Patience it Contains The Stones Start Spinning Counting Leaves in the Forest Frogs Dancing in the Rain
The Breeze has Secrets The Beauty of Expanse Feathers & Wings Become the Sky An Invisible Bird Casts Its Shadow
What the Atmosphere Brings to It Original Clay A Vast Ocean of Expanse Reflections II
Oceanic As Wide as the Sky Under the Tree of Awe The Song Notes of Kingfishers
Into My Body Playtime Wetness Leaving Water
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