Gordon Richards


15 Sept - 10 Oct 2007

Portrait copyright Highlife Magazine, Bowral (used with permission)

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Lunch became Dinner became Supper What a Galah Shoo Shoo Flower Seller
To Us What a Galah II Champagne & Pavlova II Dancing under the Weeping Mulberry
The Very Famous Chocolate Cake Gi'me, Gi'me What a Galah III Two Thirsty Birds
If Only I Could Fly Who's a Pretty Girl Champagne Gardenias Fleurtation II
Fleurtation Weeping Mulberry Study for 'Fleurtation' No. 1 What About Me
Lemon Meringue All Night Long Fallen Women Study for 'Flower Seller'
Kitchen I Kitchen II Tea Party Study for 'To Us'
Study for 'Just Out of Reach' Look at Me Study for 'What a Galah' Study for 'Kiss and Tell' No. 1
Study for 'Kiss and Tell' No. 2 Study for 'Kiss and Tell' No. 3 Study for 'Kiss and Tell' No. 4 Study for 'Fleurtation' No. 3
Do you See What I See Under the Golden Gum I'll Save You Kiss and Tell
Boofhead Gardenias For You
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