Gillie & Marc Schattner

Wild at Heart

3 December - 14 December

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It Takes Two Rhino dog... The journey of two minds They both called in sick to work, and were careful not to post any pics on Facebook This was one of those moments in life when not a word was spoken but everything understood.
They thought Bali would be boring so they planned something a bit different for this holiday. All they had was rough seas, salty air and a dream of footy and beer ... She had no idea that he was taking her to buy the ring hed always promised and he had no idea that they were about to become three... She had missed the boat so many times in the past but all that was about to change
They were too chicken to go skydiving so they took alternative transport instead ... Who draws the crowd and plays so loud, Baby it's the guitar man. They remembered that Bear Grylls always told them to check the depth before jumping but that was a tv show and this was life. Their Tour de France was filled with passion, love, and romance, but not much cycling.
They always cooked every meal together, but tonight for dessert, they had something else on their mind... They were waiting for Brad and Angelina but then they saw someone even better! Living the high life with their new friend allowed them to see places they never imagined even if they did get sore bottoms ... Welcome to the World Jeronimo Spectacular
They were so in love they ran off to get married ... for the second time!!! Photo booth - Covent Garden, London after shopping for 2 dresses and a tie which later they exchanged They decided to call their new baby boy Jeronimo Spectacular and Jerry for short. Photo booth - Soho, New York after a busy day looking at an Andy Warhol which they could never afford!
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