Things my Grandfather Taught Me

11 June - 29 June

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Done & Dusted Razzamatazz Iced Monaro Sassafrass
Remember Philosopher’s Walk Jack Rabbit & Son (xl) She's a Tough Old Bird
The Art of Reflection Red Fred Monaro Rise Catch & Release
Khancoban Pelican With Belican The Strip Spring Hammock
Jack Rabbit & Son (s) In My Day Citrus Study 1 Study for Pelican With Belican
Little Red Pelican History House Ancient Worrier Study for Harbour Poker Game1
Study for Adie's View of The World Study for Playing with the Memory, Rushcutter Wrapped Head Beyond Braidwood
Study for Highland Hills 2 Study for Highland Hills 1 Study for Highland Hills 3 Study for The Point
Study for Across to Garden Island Vo Vo Monaro Harbour Palm Seven Shilling
Study for Hardour Part, Scene 1 Faark... The Antipodean Phoenix Caught in The Light
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