Melissa Egan


30 October - 17 November

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Murrumbidgee, Nowra, 'Jump Felix, Jump!' Nambucca Heads, 'Hurry Up Felix!' Mrs. Macarthur's Garden,
Trip of a Lifetime Equine Rivalry, Luna Park, 'Just for Fun' Sibling Rivalry
Blue Mountains, 'Trail Ride' Mrs. Macquarie's Table, "The Three Wise Sheep" Handbrake Hill, Cedar Creek,
Palm Beach, 'The Inquisition' Equine Therapy, Dunk Island, Mrs Macquarie's Chair, "Happy Anniversay"
Daydream Island, Off Road, Fly Me to the Moon Off Road,
Boat Boy Miss Ella and the Rabbits Soft Landing, 'With composure she picked up her Purse & left him in the Tree' Snowy Mountains, 'Are We There Yet?'
Mirror, Mirror, 'Oh my God, What was I thinking?' Where Do We Go From Here? Little Darlings, A Horse is a Horse, of course
And then there were two
Richard Martin Art