Curriculum Vitae


1964     Born Sydney, Australia 

1980     Completed signwriting apprenticeship

1983     Began career in the animation industry 

1993     Director/producer of numerous children’s television series 

2004    Began painting full time

Solo Exhibitions

2012    ‘MISCELLANEOUS’ – Richard Martin Art, Sydney
2010     'ROAD TRIP!' - Richard Martin Art, Sydney
2008     ‘LUCKY’ - Richard Martin Art, Sydney

Group Exhibitions

2013    MMXIII - Directors Edition – Richard Martin Art, Sydney NSW
2012    SUMMERTIDE – Richard Martin Art, Sydney NSW
2010    ‘A TASTE OF WHAT’S TO COME’ – Gallows Gallery, Perth WA
2010    ‘WINTER’ – Richard Martin Art, Sydney NSW
2004    Newport Artworks, Newport NSW

Awards & Prizes

2015     Calleen Art Prize, Cowra (finalist)
2015     Muswellbrook Art Prize
2014     Gold Coast City Art Prize
2014     Sulman Prize, AGNSW, (finalist)
2014     Salon Des Refuses, Sydney (selected)
2014     NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, Sydney (finalist)
2014     Calleen Art Prize, Cowra (finalist)
2013     Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour NSW (finalist)
2013     Paddington Art Prize, (finalist)
2013     Fleurieu Art Prize, SA
2013     Mosman Art Prize (finalist)
2013     North Sydney Art Prize, Sydney
2013     NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, Sydney (finalist)
2013     Calleen Art Prize, Cowra (finalist)
2013     Muswellbrook Art Prize (finalist)
2012     Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour NSW (finalist)
2012     Mortimore Prize (finalist)
2012     Mosman Art Prize (finalist)
2012     Lethbridge Art Prize, Queensland (finalist)
2012     Gallipoli Art Prize
2011     Whyalla Art Prize SA (finalist)
2011     Paddington Art Prize, (finalist)
2011     Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour NSW (finalist)
2011     Black Swan Prize for Portraiture, Perth (finalist)
2011     North Sydney Art Prize, Sydney
2011     Salon Des Refuses, Sydney (selected)
2011     Lethbridge Art Prize, Queensland (finalist)
2010     Paddington Art Prize, (finalist)
2010     Redland Art Awards, Qld (finalist)
2010     Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour NSW (finalist)
2010     Moran Portrait Prize (finalist)
2010     Mosman Art Prize (finalist)
2010     Stanthorpe Art Prize, Qld (finalist)
2009     Blake Prize (Director’s Cut)
2009     Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour NSW (finalist)
2009     Paddington Art Prize (finalist)
2008     Blake Prize (finalist)
2008     Mosman Art Prize (finalist)
2008     Salon Des Refusés, Sydney (selected)
2007     Paddington Art Prize (finalist)
2007     Salon Des Refusés, Sydney (selected)
2006     Paddington Art Prize (finalist)
2006     Mosman Art Prize (finalist)


Salon des Refuses: The art of rejection / John McDonald / SMH / 8 August 2014
“I might also give a tick to Craig Handley, whose Council cleanup # 6 continues a long line of offbeat, unpredictable entries to local art competitions. When I look at Handley’s work, I think of Dr. Johnson’s verdict on Tristram Shandy: “Nothing odd will do long.” The fact that this novel is still in print should give hope to every purveyor of artistic oddities…”
Inside the Salon Des Refuses / Arts Hub / 24 July 2014
Through a landscape, Fleurieu Art Prize 2013 / Art Monthly / 15 October 2013
Salon Des Refuses / John McDonald / SMH / 5 April 2008

“Some of the Salon pictures are so strange they defy description, let alone classification. Nothing is more peculiar than Craig Handley's cryptically titled self-portrait, Thank You Mr Fante. Does he mean John Fante, the American writer? It probably wouldn't help with a reading of this picture, even if I knew. Handley has portrayed himself with the arms of a plastic action figure, standing alongside a pink suburban bungalow from which the face of Salvador Dali peeks out. A flock of cockatoos flies overhead while two midget black swans float on the above-ground pool. Rather than a self-portrait, one might call this a "conversation piece…”
Your Face Or Mine / Australian Art Review / 23 June 2009
Belle Magazine / Featured Artist / July 2007

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