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Since launching his career as a visual artist in 1984 Stormie Mills has carved a distinctive niche for his work that has seen him showcased internationally to critical acclaim. His work has crossed many boundaries with representation in exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Birmingham, Melbourne and Perth.

His solo exhibitions held in Perth in 1999, 2003 and 2007 were hugely successful with the first two shows selling out on opening night and the third closely following as well as generating numerous private commissions.

In 2002 he achieved a Commendation Award in the highly competitive "City of Perth Invitational Art Award" and in May 2005 was invited to participate in a show in London to launch the Thames and Hudson publication "Graffiti World" where he was invited as a guest speak at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, London.

He has been commissioned to create works in Los Angles and London and in 2002 was invited to create large scale murals across Greece in preparation for the Olympics achieving international acclaim for his work.

In 2003 he was invited to produce a limited edition toy which was retailed in Tokyo and New York and has since become highly collectable.More recently he was invited to produce work for a group show at the Adicolour Studios in Berlin and has been invited to participate in group shows in Tokyo and Taiwan in October 2006.

Professor of Contemporary Art and Dean of Art at the John Curtin Centre, Curtin University, Professor Ted Snell when opening his show in 2003 drew a reference between Stormie’s work and that of Goya’s satirical expose of Spanish society published in 1799 which were designed to... "ridicule, to upbraid prejudice, imposture and hypocrisy and other evils which have been hallowed by time." He went on to state, "I think that fits very well with Stormie’s work. There is a sense of poignancy and a sense of familiarity that makes his commentary very pertinent and engaging."

Stormie's work is a deeply personal expression of emotion that is captured in the layers of his paintings created through his intense observations of the texture of life to engage and challenge the viewer to explore beyond the surface to find real beauty amidst the decay.

He has established a strong following for his work across a broad sector of the market continuing to attract collectors for his unique statements on life.


2010    ‘In Celebration of Second Best', Richard Martin Art , Sydney Australia                              
2010    ‘Art@PC', Perth College, Perth Western Australia                                                               
2010    Sandy Beach Sculpture Exhibition, Town of Bassendean, Perth Western Australia 
2010    ‘100 x 150', LK Contemporary, Perth Western Australia                                                       
2009    ‘Primary Flight & Blueprint for Space', Art Basel, Miami, USA                                                
2009    ‘Installation 5', Scion Installation LA, Los Angeles USA                                                         
2009    Guildford Grammar Art Exhibition, Guildford Grammar, Perth Western Australia  
2009    ‘Diction', Helen Gory Gallerie, Melbourne Australia                                                                
2009    ‘A book about Death', The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York City, USA     
2009    ‘Installation 5', Igloo Gallery, Portland Oregon, USA                                                               
2009    ‘Installation 5', Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, USA                                                             
2009    ‘Iconic Interpretations', Lukas Stained Glass Studio, San Francisco, USA                            
2008    Nancy Victor Xmas Exhibition, Nancy Victor Gallery, London, UK                                        
2008    ‘Installation 5', Scion Installation LA, Art Basel, Miami, USA                                                 
2008    ‘Loss + Endings = Fish', LK Contemporary, Perth Western Australia                                    
2008    ‘Art in Bloom', Art Gallery of WA, Perth Western Australia                                                 
2008    ‘Bendigo Art Cars', Bendigo, Victoria                                                                                     
2008    ‘Burning Bridges', Summer Salon Brick Lane Gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK                   
2008    ‘Installation 5', Scion Installation LA, Philadelphia, PA, USA                                                 
2008    "Secrets & Objects", Richard Martin Art, Sydney NSW
2007    "Three", Linton & Kay Fine Art Gallery, Subiaco Perth, WA
2007   "MSF07" Melbourne Stencil Festival J_Studios  - Melbourne, Victoria
2007   "Dream Girls" Mina Dresden Gallery  - San Francisco, USA
2007   "Tempt One Art Benefit" Urb Gallery  - Los Angeles, USA
2006    "Self Titled" The Autopsy Gallery  - St Kilda, East Melbourne
2006    "Letters First — Asia" Space Edge, Shibuya & The Artists Space, Taipei  - Japan, Taiwan
2006    "Stick It" Fold Gallery  - Cumbria, UK
2006    TOY2R DIY Qee Exhibition Adicolor Studios, in conjunction with Adidas Dmop  - Berlin
2005 September   "Letters First" RBK  - Beverley Hills, USA
2005 July   "The Commons" Basefield Projects  - Chapel on Chapel Gallery
2005 May   "Project XI" Thomas Neale Centre  - London UK
2004 October   "Application" (Curator) Perth Institute of Contemporary Art  - Perth
2004 October   Graffiti World AKA  - London, UK
2004 October   "The Looking Glass" Thomas Neale Centre  - London UK
2003 August   "Nickel" Hudson Gallery  - Perth
2002 December   City of Perth Invitational Art Award Winner  - Commendation Award
2002 July   "Third" Exposure Gallery, Soho  - London UK
2001 December   "Downsize" Perth Institute of Contemporary Art  - Perth
2001 November   City of Perth Invitational Art Award  - Perth
2001 June   "Tactical Intervention Strategies"  - Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
2001 January   "Aerotomechanix" WA Fringe Festival, Jacksue Gallery  - Perth
2001 January   "Pictoplasma"  -
2000 January   "Works on Paper" Perth Central Bus Terminal  - WA Fringe Festival, Perth
1999 November   City of Perth Invitational Art Award  - Perth
1999 August   "Stormie" Jacksue Gallery  - Perth
1999 March   "Street Speak" Span Gallery  - Melbourne
1997 June   "Metamorphisis" The BluePrint Gallery  - Birmingham, UK
1995 January   "Prolific Inscriptions" [Curator] The Moores Building  - Fremantle, Perth
1994 September   "Urban Philosophy" Art Heritage, Jolimont  - Perth
1994 February   "Beyond the Wall" Museum of Western Australia  - Perth
1993 November   City of Gosnells Art Award [Urban Art Award Winner]  - Perth
1993 September   "Mad Capped Art" The Maltings Gallery  - Perth
1992 May   "Pressure Paint" The Blueprint Gallery  - Birmingham, UK
1992 February   "Transcripts from the Asylum"  - North Wales, UK
1991 July   "Air Powered" The Moores Building Fremantle  - Perth
1991 Mar-August   "Pump up the Can" National Touring Exhibition  - Australia
1990 August   "Mural 90" Northern Arts  - Carlise, UK


2007 October   Proximamente  - Private Commission
2007 October   Triptict/Manila  - Royal Elastics
2007 October   "Just a second, I think I have something scarier in here."  - Private Commission
2007 January   Characters (woodcut)  - Town of Nannup
2006 December   The Boatman  - Private Commission
2006 March   "The Gathering" [Art Director]  - City of Joondalup Festival
2004 March   "Global Village"  - City of Joondalup Festival
2003 December   "Rules for the Guidance" [Exterior mural] City of Fremantle
2003 August   "The boxing ring" Fazio’s Gym Northbridge, Perth
2003 March   "Aerial Display Systems' [Art Director] City of Joondalup Festival
2002 June/July   Chromopolis Mural Tour for The Hellenic Cultural Olympiad
2002 June/July   Rockingham Bus Station  - City of Rockingham
2002 June   City Centre Perth [Exterior mural]  - Sinclair Knight Merz 2002 June Hydroponics Kelmscott, Perth
2002 March   "Aquatica" [Art Director]  - City of Joondalup Festival
2001 September   Urban Eyez Set Design  - Central Tafe, Perth
2001 August   "Shoppin" [Exterior mural]  - Clarkson, Coles/Myer LTD
2001 May   "Sticky fingers" Gibbs Street Primary School  - Perth
2001 March   "Lock Her Room" Interior set Designer Lovely Day Films  - Hollywood, USA
2001 February   McDonald Park [Exterior mural]  - Padbury, Perth
2001 February   Exterior mural  - City of Joondalup
2001 February   "Aerotomechanix" WA Fringe Festival  - Murray Street, Perth
2000 December   "Leaving my Friends" Performing Arts Centre  - Halls HeadCommunity College
2000 November   Nanika Park  - City of Joondalup
2000 November   Private Residence [Exterior mural]  - Shenton Park
2000 March   "Aerial Display Systems" [Art Director]  - City of Joondalup Festival
2000 February   Osborne Park  - The Ministry of Justice
1999 December   Interior mural  - Koondoola & Girrawheen Youth
1999 September   Exterior mural Subiaco  - West Australian Symphony Orchestra
1999 July   Exterior mural Shenton Park Train Station  - Transperth and Cityof Subiaco
1999 May   Mural  - Christ Church Grammar School
1999 May   Exterior mural  - Highview Park, City of Joondalup
1999 March   "City Lights"  - City of Joondalup Festival
1998 September   Mercedes West Point Star  - Osborne Park, Work on Canvas
1998 June   Exterior mural  - City of Joondalup & The Shire of Wanneroo
1998 May   "Desire" Interior mural Aherns  - Perth
1998 January   Interior mural Evans’ Bike Time  - Joondalup
1998 January   Interior mural  - Aherns, Karrinyup
1997 October   Interior mural Hamersley Recreation Centre  - City of Stirling
1997 October   Exterior mural Council House  - City of Perth
1996 December   Exterior mural James St Northbridge  - The Department of Agriculture
1996 September   Ice Sculptures Winter Fashion Launch  - Aherns, Perth
1996 August   Exterior Mural Burt Way  - Perth
1996 April   Exterior murals Series drama "SWEAT"  - Barron Films
1995 October   Artist in Residence  - Bambara Primary School
1995 September   Cycle Gallery Interior mural  - Balcatta
1995 September   Exterior mural  - City of South Perth
1995 September   The Cars That Ate Paris  - The Festival of Perth
1994 August   Triptych Canvas Rally Australia Youth Project  - Department for Community Development
1994 July   Exterior mural  - City of Stirling
1994 May   Exterior mural  - Northam Racing Club
1994 April   Exterior mural  - Warwick Senior High School
1994 April   Interior mural  - Swan Districts Football Club
1994 March   Exterior mural  - Morley Senior High School
1994 March   Tomorrows Children  - The Office of Multi-cultural Interests, Department of the Arts, Main Roads WA
1994 February   Exterior mural  - Odyssey Comics & Cards, Applecross
1993 October   Exterior mural  - City of Wanneroo
1993 August   Canvas  - Ministry of Sport & Recreation
1993 February   Canvas  - National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham
1993 January   Exterior mural  - Armadale Aquatic Centre
1993 January   Interior murals  - Floyds Geraldton
1993 January   Interior mural Christmas Cravings  - Floreat
1992 August   Interior mural  - Hideaway Club, York, UK
1992 June   Interior mural  - Mr. Kipling, North Wales, UK 

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